General terms & conditions of HolidayFlats24

Arrival and departure

Check-in as well as check-out times can vary between the different objects. You will get to know the exact check-in and check-out times through the booking confirmation as well as the reminder e-mail. The rental objects need to be returned clean and in the same state as on takeover to the lessor or commissioner.


Rescission and terms of cancellation

The guest can rescind from his booking at any time before the start of the journey.
Cancellations must be carried out in written form.
Cancellations and changes are free of charge until 30 days prior to arrival.
Cancellations and changes within 30 days prior to arrival are charged with 100% of the booking price.


Contract, down payment and balance payment

All payments are made by credit card.
Conclusion of the contract for accommodation takes place between the guest and Mr. Gebhard Haas respectively the company HolidayFlats24. The guest receives an offer after sending a booking enquiry to HolidayFlats24. As soon as the guest has confirmed the offer, the lessor forwards a booking confirmation with amount and date of the down payment and balance payment to be carried out. The contract for accommodation becomes binding for both, the guest and Mr Gebhard Haas, upon receipt of payment. (If a down payment is not possible due to time constraints, the confirmation of reservation becomes binding). The contractual partner is bound to pay the down payment until the provided date (credited to the account) after the reservation. The costs for money transactions (in case of bank transfer only – there are no costs for money transactions in case of credit card payment) are carried by the guest. The down payment is a partial payment of the agreed-upon consideration. The balance payment has to be settled 30 days before arrival.
Payment can be made upon arrival in exceptional cases. This course of action absolutely must be agreed upon in advance and in written form.



Tender of the rental objects are created to the best knowledge, upon viewing and according to the information provided by the owner. HolidayFlats24 does not assume any liability for potential discrepancies, e.g. due to later modifications.


Keeping of animals

Animals are only allowed to be brought to the accommodation facility after previous consent of the owner and in most cases for special compensation. The contractual partner bringing an animal is liable to keep the animal safe or to supervise it or to have it kept safe or supervised by suitable third parties at his own expense for the duration of his stay. There may be costs.


Rights of the contractual partner

By concluding an accommodation contract, the contracting party acquires the right to the usual use of the rented rooms, the facilities of the lodging establishment, which are accessible to the guests for normal use and without any special conditions. The contracting party shall exercise its rights in accordance with the applicable guest guidelines (house rules). The company Gebhard Haas or HolidayFlats24 reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect in case of non-compliance with house rules or other conduct and expel guests from the apartment without reimbursement.



Additional beds such as cots etc. need to be ordered in advance. The renter is obliged to immediately report all defects and damages incurred during the rental period. The renter must hand over the object in the same condition as it was taken over at the time of departure. The renter is liable for the damage caused by him with the full amount. Cleanings have to be done by the tenants. If this cleaning is not done, a predetermined amount will be charged. This amount will be collected in advance with the deposit and will be refunded on the day of departure. Costs for laundry are separate to the costs for the possible cleaning.


Takeover of apartment

The object is surrendered to the renter upon arrival. Name and reservation, period of stay, number of persons and credit card details have to be provided. The credit card is charged with a deposit. Details of the credit cards are deposited with the lessor until 48 hours after departure of the renter. Damages occurring during the rental period of the renter can by billed via the credit card deposit without further agreement. If the damage costs exceed the deposit, the balance will be billed in addition.


Duties of the contractual partner

The contractual partner is bound to pay the agreed-upon booking compensation plus possible additional fees accruing from additionally ordered services by him and/or the guests accompanying him plus statutory value-added tax at the time of departure at the latest.


Rights of the lessor

If the contractual partner refuses to pay the stipulated consideration or he is in arrears with it, the lessor is entitled to claim the statutory right of lien according to § 970c ABGB and the statutory carrier’s lien according § 1101 ABGB from the property yielded by the contractual partner or the guest. This right of lien or carrier’s lien furthermore serves the lessor as protection of his claim according to the contract of accommodation, particularly for board, other expenses incurred for the contractual partner and possible claims for compensations of any kind. If services are required in the room of the contractual partner or at extraordinary times of the day (after 9 pm and before 6 am), the lessor is permitted to charge special consideration. This special consideration, however, has to be marked on the room price board. The lessor can also refuse these services for operational reasons. The lessor always has the right of billing or interim billing of his service at any time.


Duties of the lessor

The lessor is bound to perform the services agreed upon in an extent that corresponds with his standard. Examples of special services provided by the lessor that need to be indicated and are not included in the accommodation consideration are:
a) Special services of accommodations than can be billed separately, such as the provision of salons, sauna, indoor pool, pool, solarium etc.
b) A discounted price is billed for the provision of additional beds or cribs.